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Creative marketing solution for events

Specializing in brand experience, Vibrant is a Montreal-based agency known for creating creative marketing strategies. We are proud to have collaborated with the Vibrant team in bringing their ideas to life for various clients. Here are two projects we particularly enjoyed working on!

Project A

Tennis Canada

Rogers Cup in Montreal


Create a giant tennis racket, into which visitors could place foam balls to create a design.


In order to bring the idea of Vibrant to life, we spent hours at the drawing board. Once the plans were drawn up and approved, we did a detailed study of the materials that would work and allow our concept to take shape in reality. We decided on wire mesh and matching foam balls, then tackled the final design, which we painted onto the mesh. Finally, the Fuzion team took care of the delivery and installation right at the Rogers Cup!

Custom-made tennis racket for Coupe Rogers.

Fun Fact

We found the 5,000 assorted foam balls at a magic prop retailer. The largest order of magic balls in history!?

Project B

National Bank

Rogers Cup of Montreal & Toronto


Create a 3D effect allowing the client to visualize the words “tomorrow” (French version) and “LAB” (English version) when located at a specific location.


We started this beautiful project with a brainstorming and drawing session. It was very important for our team to get the 3D right in order to get a wow effect. We then designed a wooden prototype. Once approved, the final structure was made of aluminum. Fuzion’s team was mandated to deliver and install it at Roger’s Cup, but this time simultaneously in Montreal and Toronto!

Stand découpé pour la Banque Nationale lors de la Coupe Rogers.
Enseigne découpée devant le kiosque de la Banque Nationale pendant la Coupe Rogers.
Kiosque sur-mesure de la Banque Nationale lors de la Coupe Rogers.

Fun Fact

The wooden prototype is now used as a coffee table in our warehouse. Nothing goes to waste!

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