Modular and custom exhibition booths

With our modular and custom exhibition booths, it’s never been easier to create a personalized experience for your business. Our modular approach offers scalability in design and flexibility for refitting, so you can adapt to any necessary changes along the way. Don’t worry about reconfiguring for every event; our system is designed to make set-up and tear-down effortless with minimum fuss.

Panoramic H-line

Infinite modularity, a complete kios

Panoramic h-line is a trade show display system that allows you to easily create a customized exhibit using pre-assembled modules. With its dedicated graphic image area, Panoramic h-line creates an unparalleled visual impact while offering a full range of useful features.

It is a perfect solution for those who want a modular and flexible exhibit.

Kiosque 3D avec technologie Panoramic H-Line.

Simple and clever, Panoramic h-line requires no technical expertise and can be installed without tools. Assemble the exhibit booth yourself or with our help. Standard modules weigh no more than 19 pounds, and a 20 ́ x 10 ́ exhibit takes less than an hour for one person to assemble. Each panel comes with pre-installed graphics, all you have to do is connect them!

  • Dye-sublimation printing: no reflection, intense and deep colors
  • Fabric adapted to each use: Panopac fabric (opaque for maximum visual impact and optimalcolor rendition), light diffusing fabric (for light boxes and backlit frames)
  • Easy to transport thanks to our storage boxes on wheels
  • Several modules available: single, storage, door, shelf, multimedia, etc.
  • Many accessories available: hooks, lighting, arches, counters, storage, etc.
  • Possibility of adding a header module, illuminated or not
  • Many possibilities
  • Infinite configuration and size possibilities

100% modular: same panels, 4 configurations

Montage de quatre image d'un kiosque 100% modulaire.


Bring your exhibitions to life

PanoLED is an LED panel system that allows you to create custom video walls. Combined with the Panoramic h-line and c-line ranges, they offer new visual and immersive experiences. They can also be used on their own for events and architectural elements: free-standing or wall-mounted screens, and signage.

Rendu 3D d'un kiosque sur-mesure avec panoled.

PanoLED displays deep shades of black and natural colors. The range is available in 2.5 pitch with 1.9 conversion capabilities, for seamless definition of your content. The control unit is equipped with the latest generation of electronics. It offers unprecedented and striking contrast and creates an immersive and captivating experience.

  • Panels measure 18.9′′ x 18.9′′ (480 x 480 mm).
  • Thickness of 1.57′′, weight of 6.2 kg
  • Panels can be easily and quickly connected to each other.
  • Patented simple and secure attachment system.
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Multiple accessories available
  • Easy to store in custom made boxes
Un panoLED installé dans un kiosque sur-mesure
Un panoled lightbox installé dans le kiosque d'une entreprise.

Stand out from the crowd with our modular and custom exhibition booths.

Customized to your needs.

You have a great idea? We have the tools to make it happen. At Fuzion, we love to think outside the box and make the impossible possible. We make your brand shine at trade shows or corporate events using creative and innovative solutions.

We have a strong network of partners that we can rely on to build anything you can imagine!

Dessin d'un plan de kiosque réalisé sur-mesure.

Here are some examples of modular and custom exhibition booths we have made.

Une femme devant une raquette de tennis géante construite pour Tennis Canada.
Giant tennis racket for Tennis Canada
Démonstration d'un grand cube pour kiosque.
large custom cube
Démonstration 3D d'un kiosque complet sur mesure pour l'entreprise Keurig.
complete custom kiosk
Une femme prend la pose à Toronto devant l'enseigne découpée de l'entreprise Vichy.
cut-out sign - vichy
PanoLED sur mesure dans le kiosque de l'entreprise SolidXpertsé
custom panoLED