Design of a complete custom kiosk


Every year, Clarins participates in the PJC group trade show, a large-scale event where many large Canadian companies come together to exhibit their new products, products and initiatives. Clarins, keen to promote its products as well as its charitable initiatives, has half a kiosk to present its products and another half kiosk to promote Cuddle Month. This event, organized in partnership with La Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine, Rythme, Jean Coutu and Clarins, invites the Quebec population to support sick children. The winning child’s drawing is then used on the packaging of a featured product during the year and the funds raised are donated to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.


Design of a complete custom-made kiosk



Clarins called on Fuzion Marketing for a second consecutive year to redesign their 20 x 10 and 10 x 10 kiosk into a large 30 x 10 kiosk. The objective was to eliminate the walls that separated the kiosks to add an element distinctive central: a large wooden heart. To achieve this mission, we had to rethink and rearrange the entire kiosk, making sure to highlight this significant symbol.


  • Initial meeting and brainstorming with customer: understanding needs and objectives.
  • 3D modeling: creation of 3D models to visualize the final kiosk.
  • Custom cabinetry: hand-crafting of the wooden core by a local cabinetmaker.
  • Installation of 2 panoLEDs: addition of panels to improve lighting and visual appeal.
  • Installation of faux wood carpet: aesthetic and practical floor covering.
  • Printing and manufacturing
  • Storage: management of material storage before and after the event.
  • Set-up and dismantling: assembly and dismantling of the kiosk on the event site, daily visits.
  • Exhibition logistics and transport: coordination of transport and installation.

Fun Fact

The idea to include a wooden heart was born during a visit to Asia-Pacific regional offices in Singapore by a Clarins employee. Inspired by a similar heart he had seen there, he brought the idea back to Quebec. The heart was designed entirely by hand by a local cabinetmaker. To immortalize this special moment, the Clarins marketing team took a nice photo of the team with a Polaroid in front of the kiosk.


We delivered a booth that met Clarins’ expectations, showcasing both their products and their philanthropic commitment. The integration of the wooden heart was particularly noted, symbolizing the initiative to support sick children and bringing a warm and human touch to the entire kiosk.

Plan 3D d'un kiosque sur mesure pour Clarins

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